All the websites created by Kvalitet contain simple CMS (content management system – WordPress or Joomla), which after a short training, allows a self-reliant placement and modification of the website’s content by a client. The websites’ design is based on so called templates which allow you to select a general overview before websites’ implementation. It also provides a professional look and functionality suitable for the client.

Business card
Simple web pages presenting a company. They are visually attractive, containing several bookmarks and modules (e.g. Facebook, “Likebox”, photo slider)

Websites with a number of menu items, bookmarks, subpages.
They are transparent, functional, containing many advanced modules. (e.g. galleries, calendar, booking system)

Web portals
Developed web pages with sign up/create an account function allowing you to add posts (built-in blogs), events (event calendar). They contain advanced modules and facilities made especially for the client’s needs.

What do you receive in terms of creating a website? First of all – peace of mind. All technical matters are managed comprehensively, which means:
– Stable server and Internet domain
– Creating a website, graphic design, technical issues
– Establishing users who are able to edit the site (e.g. an employee publishing news updates) and their training
– Filling out the contents (based on client’s data or single-handedly)
– SEO (Search engine optimization), which is responsible for the website being visible in Google search engine for chosen phrases
– Care for websites’ security, that is protection against spam and malware programs
– Google Analytics integration, facebook plugins etc.

Are there any additional payments? One year after the site has been created you have to pay for the server (40 GBP) and domain name (10 – 30 GBP) depending on type. Moreover, in case of developing, modifying or implementing a new contents the prices are being fixed individually.

You are welcome to check out our “Contact” bookmark and send a query.